Abe Soare?

Abe Soare ; meaning Honest Sun . Adopted from Romania as a baby to Irish parents, Their original name was Ioana Soare. This directly translates to Joan Sun in English. The name Sun (Soare) reflects how Abe has learned to always keep a positive outlook on life and wants to continue spreading light and love through their music. As the artist has grown up they have realised that they identify as non-binary. A more gender neutral name such as "Abe" makes the artist feel more comfortable and reflects the trials and tribulations it takes to live an honest life.(Just like an honest Abe) :)

Artist bio

Abby Butler is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Limerick,Ireland. When Abby gets on stage, the room goes quiet.Their unique singing and songwriting style has a way of capturing you when they perform. Drawn from the challenges of their life, Abby's songs are personal. They're evocative and take the listener on her journey with them through the highs and lows of life. Inspired by other great singer songwriters like Hozier and Wallis Bird,Abby has refined their music to reflect their unique approach to their performances. This powerful talent has recently won live 95fms "Local Hero" music award and been nominated in Hotpress magazines "Hot for 2022" issue. Abby has also recently won the Mike the Pies Battle of the bands competition 2022.You'll find Abby on all social media channels where you can keep up with their musical journey ,their music releases and where they're gigging so you can experience them live.

Deja vu music video

"Deja vu is a song about making mistakes. Continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again until you learn from them. I think everyone can relate to this song because we are all just trying to learn about ourselves and the world. Some learn easier than others and this song is for people who learn lessons the hard way. Deja Vu is an upbeat powerful pop/rock song with themes of self-reflection and angst."

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Single artwork by Lucie Behrens

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Upcoming shows

22/12/22- The Commercial, Limerick 

23/12/22- Focus Ireland Busk, The square ,Newcastle West

30/12/22- Upstairs Dolans, Limerick 

31/12/22- O'Briens , Churchtown, Cork 

02/02/23- Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick


Email: abbybutlermusic123@gmail.com

Mobile: 0876789329